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04-18-2024, 01:21 PM
You can see one spot where a furniture pad accidentally stuck to the leather and left a square when removed. Not sure there’s a way to fix that.

One issue is that in areas where cushions rub, there are cloudy grey spots. You can’t see it when the chair is together though.




#4 does have the rougher wrinkles



#7 has the finish issue where a sticky furniture pad ripped off the top layer

#8 Here’s one of the white spots where cushions rub

Roger Koh
04-19-2024, 03:47 PM
#4 does have the rougher wrinkles

These rougher wrinkles are the result of diminishing original fatliquor (fat and oil). Once fat and oil dries up it will be stiffer and lose its suppleness and flexibility resulting in rougher wrinkles. Restoration to its original suppleness is by hydrating with Hydrator 3.3, it will soften up, then replenishing with Fatliquor 5.0 to restore its suppleness when dry.

#7 has the finish issue where a sticky furniture pad ripped off the top layer.

The top layer that has been ripped off is the Aniline Gloss Topcoat 76G. After preparatory cleaning, hydrating, and fatliquoring the topcoat is applied accordingly. Why the need to hydrate and fatliquor the entire panel? When the leather is dry, it begins to dry rotting, and the leather grain weakens and exfoliates easily. The strength of the leather lies in the fatliquor, Fatliquor is the Lifeblood of Leather!

#8 Here’s one of the white spots where cushions rub

Often white spots appear when the leather has gone through a temperature change, and the 'fat' in the leather structure surface, is known as 'spew'. Such a phenomenon is correct by 'Leather Fatty Spew Remover 4.8'.

Since this is a 'wax pull-up' leather, the other possibilities are the wax crystalline that resurfaces too and these white spots may be eliminated by a warm hair dryer to melt it to a shine.

The general appearance will be improved with this Restoration Hardware Wax Pull Up Leather Topcoat Refinishing Kit RW6.tc


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