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10-25-2023, 06:01 PM

I have a RH couch and wanted to see what you recommended for repair.

It is the Lancaster Italian Brompton Cocoa.

Pic below of the scratches.


Roger Koh
10-25-2023, 09:29 PM
Satisfactory repairs will depend on the existing degree of damage and the level you wish to bring it up.

Basically, there are 3 levels of scratches

1* Flap Repair is to lay back the stick-out loose leather with Bond 3D and such a repair becomes a part of the leather, the con is the darkening effect that leaves a scar mark. Examine closely and you see such natural scars and healing marks during the cow's lifetime.

2* Abrasion Repair is a rough surface to be smooth with Adhesor 73 to become part of the leather.

3* Scuff Repair is the lightning effect repair with Wax Pull Up 8.6.

Where the surface grain is damaged top coat refinishing is recommended with Aniline Top 76G

Here are both the Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Topcoat Refinishing Kit Aw6.tc
Click this link for more information.
And the Leather Repair Kit A8.r for your reference.
Individual products are also available.
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