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10-19-2023, 06:57 AM
No sooner was our new sofa delivered but we came home to find our dog had scratched a couple of the cushions. Directions from RH say to rub with finger but thatís not helping. Help is great appreciated!!11023

Roger Koh
10-19-2023, 12:03 PM
>>> No sooner was our new sofa delivered but we came home to find our dog had scratched a couple of the cushions. Directions from RH say to rub with finger but that’s not helping. Help is great appreciated!!

Rubbing with fingers will depend on the freshness of the existing wax pull-up content. Since this secondary pull-up condition is similar in nature to the primary softening conditioner, the VOC (volatile organic compound) dries or evaporates when the leather ages. We assume that our leather is new from the showroom. However, evaporation begins after the leather finishing process. It will start drying the moment the leather is kept in storage, even before it is sent to the upholstery manufacturer, no one has told you this before. To keep your leather healthy you will need periodic replenishment of the lifeblood of leather, which is the fatliquor conditioner, and the fashion pull-up effect, to keep your leather lively. Yes, when your leather is lively, rubbing with your fingers is just what you do!

The first approach to a leather repair is Leather Identification so that repairs return back to the original finish types.

Since most Restoration Hardware leathers are Aniline Wax Pull-up we also want to double sure this particular upholstery is also.

Check your receipt, and also do a physical check on the reverse side of the cushion. Lightly pull and see if it lightens, to restore back use a warm hair dryer to bring back the pull-up effect. This test would not work if the pull-up effect conditioner has diminished. Pull-up effect is a secondary conditioner like the primary fatliquor c conditioner will need periodic reconditioning to keep the leather fashion effect and suppleness back to the original.

The degree of the scratch may differ and we shall discuss the best sequence approach to produce the best result back to the original.

1* Flap (fiber sticking out)
2* Abrasion (rough feel with fingertips)
3* Lightening Pull-up effect.
4* Topcoat damages (loss of shine)

1* How to Repair a Flap?
A flap damage is generally caused by the nails of a cat or a dog where the claws have sunk in and dug out. If the flap is curled in, then it has to be dug out and lightly pulled to size for a bonding repair with Bond 3D by Leather Doctor.

2* How to Repair an Abrasion?
An abrasion surface feels like a suede surface and to smooth it will need Adhesor 73 by Leather Doctor.

3* How to Repair Lightening Pull-up Effect?
A pull-up effect is caused by a forced smooth drag, such as any smooth object, hand, or paw, and lightens it. When the leather is still fresh with sufficient wax pull-up conditioner, a warm hand rub will revert the lightening effect. Otherwise, the leather will need reconditioning to restore back the fashion pull-up effect with Wax Pull Up 8.6 by Leather Doctor.

4* How to Repair Topcoat Damages?
Topcoat damage is obviously required when the leather suffers from a puncture like a sinking claw of a dog or cat. When the surface is abraded will also require a top coat repair like Aniline Top 76G by Leather Doctor.

Products mentioned are found in these kits, and individual refilling is also available as an option.

We will also discuss why there are so many products in a holistic repair and refinishing system from your continuous interest.

Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Topcoat Refinishing Kit Aw6.tc

Leather Repair Kit A8.r

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10-23-2023, 08:44 AM
Thank you so much for the detailed advice! I have ordered the kit and can't wait to try the products.