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Samuel Paul Wise
07-09-2007, 12:26 PM
We have recently purchased a very high quality sofabed, and the only colour we liked was in faux suede. When the sofa arrived, it is obvious that either the furniture maker or the cloth maker decided that faux suede needs to smell strongly of leather. Unfortunately, my wife hates the smell of leather and won't stay in the room with the sofabed.

Before we get the whole excellently made piece re-upholstered, I decided to search for people who make the smell, for those who want to add the leather smell. This brings me to your company, since you do make treatments to restore the smell of leather.

If you have a way of adding the smell, do you also have a way to counteract that smell?

Is it proprietary or could we expect your solution to work on smells created by someone else? It will be almost impossible to get to the originator of the smell in our sofa.

If we have a solution, where can we buy it in UK?

Thanks for your help

Roger Koh
07-09-2007, 09:26 PM
Dear Sam,

Please confirm the material of the sofa bed.

Are you talking about microfiber material “faux suede” that has leather scent that you are getting rid off?

Please email or post pictures for proper identification before I can answer precisely how to solve this problems.

Thank you

Roger Koh
Leather Doctor® System
[email protected]