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Roger Koh
09-24-2009, 08:31 PM
Here are some pictures of an Aniline Wax Pull-up

They show fading of original color.

What dyestuff would you recommend?

Question by H2





Roger Koh
09-24-2009, 10:22 PM
Blue colors are somehow more light sensitive and fades more than any other colors, just like the common blue jeans.

However, in this particular case it is more likely due to the ageing of the natural oils, fats or waxes more commonly associated with pull-ups than pigmented leathers.

The main culprit is the present of unsaturated fatty acids that go browner when expose to sunlight.

It is easier to restore sun-fading with a transparent color and may not be easy to restore an oxidized brown-out color.

Without removing or improving the yellowing/browning effect, it’s going to show through when use a blue transparent dyestuff.

So somehow the brown-out topcoat has to be physically removed.

In addition a fluorescent whitening treatment is recommended to reduce the yellowing effect.

There is more beauty of depth with transparent dyestuff; however a translucent dyestuff may be a compromise to achieve a true blue.

So my recommended structural and finishing restoration procedure is as follows:

Prep Clean
1] Use leather-safe prepClean4.4 > clean3.8 > rinse3.0 + razor60 off existing oxidized topcoat.

Inspection when dry
2] Check oxidized topcoat is removed evenly - thereafter treat with a fluorescent whitening agent: Use d’Yellow6.7.

Inspection when dry, check on the improvement of the d’Yellow6.7 treatment.
Proceed to fatliquoring system

Fatliquoring System - to soften and strengthen leather thus reduce creases and wrinkles thus prevents cracking.
Overnight cover-up treatment with hydrator3.3 helps activate structure dyestuff to move to the surface during the natural wicking process.
3] Use hydrator3.3 > fatliquor5.0 > rinse3.0.

Dry Prep
4] Use razor60 + 1500 grit sand paper when necessary.

Re-dyeing with Transparent Penetrating Dyestuff (may be patchy when topcoat are not evenly remove - thus skip this process to be continue @ 8]).
5] Use anilineDye21 - blue 161

Leather Structure Wax Pull-up Effect Replenishing.
6] Use waxEffect95

Adhesion Coating
7] Use adhesion73

Re-dyeing with Transparent Coating Dyestuff (May or may not use Translucent Coating Dyestuff).
8] Use anilineDye27 - blue 761 (anilineColor25 - blue 561)

Protective Top-Coating
9] Use anilineTop54HG - high gloss

Non-stick buttery feel conditioning with a classic leather scent.
10] Use leatherScent’B

I am quite sure you have questions and doubts!

Ask and it will be clarified to your satisfaction!

Roger Koh
Leather DoctorŽ