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06-15-2020, 08:46 AM
We have an employee that has nice suede jacket- some spots and stains. I wondering how we should proceed with cleaning it?


6-15B Unknown spots and soil

6-15C Possible Ink?

6-15 D Unknown spots on cuff

6-15 E More spots on cuff

Roger Koh
06-18-2020, 12:24 PM
>>> We have an employee that has nice suede jacket- some spots and stains. I wondering how we should proceed with cleaning it?

Identification comes before cleaning and from pictures looks like “Napa” suede. Napa suede reverse side is the smooth leather, usually from the skin of smaller animals like deer, kids, and lambs. The difference is the brush used. A SuedeNapaBrush-2 is used for a softer, more delicate napa in combination with LeatherEraser-4. SuedeEraser-5 and SuedeSplitBrush-3 have to be used with caution at an angle, to prevent cutting into the soft suede.

Restorative cleaning is recommended, as most of the stain will be removed, then a second round to spot the stains according to the source, with this Suede (S.n) Napa Matrix.


Go to this link
for the complete . . .
Suede-Safe System Cycle of Care - Preventive, Routine, Periodic & Restorative . . .

D- Restorative Care:

This is the ultimate restorative or salvage care system that removes accumulated soiling including aged conditioners. Accumulated soiling that fills nap is often mistaken for wear. Using Prep-4.4 performs restorative cleaning. It works by chemical reaction to emulsify soiling through its penetrating, lubricating and suspending power. Detailing SuedeNapaBrush-2 is recommended to worked into heavily soiled areas sufficiently to avoid excessive agitation that might damage already weaken finishes especially on heavily used areas by . . .

1st step- Restorative Cleaning:

Instruction . . .

D1- Apply Prep-4.4 and agitate with SuedeNapaBrush-2, ensuring a uniform application over the entire surfaces a section at a time.

D2- Allow a dwell time of 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries prior to towel extraction until it shows clean.

D3- Sticky residue is removed by SuedeCleaner-4.5 with gentle brush agitation and cotton terry towel extracts until it shows clean.

D4- Remaining residues are spray rinse with SuedeRinse-2.3 and towel extracts to a squeaky-clean.

D5- Inspection after drying for satisfaction, otherwise repeats cleaning process as necessary or proceed to hydrating. Hydrating is essential to relax and separate the stick together collapsing fibrous structure. Its surfactancy helps check for surface tension of blotchiness prior to fat and oil replenishing. 2nd step- Hydrating: Instruction . . .

D6- Spray Hydrator-3.3 to saturate with an even appearance to soften up.

D7- Let dwell 10 to 30 minutes and towel extract wick up soiling until it shows clean. Fat and oil replenishing maintains the leather’s structure integrity and pliability thus strengthen these exposed leather from cracking. 3rd step- Fatliquoring: Instruction . . .

D8- Spray Fatliquor-5.0 in like manner as Hydrator-3.3 and let dry naturally.

D9- Repeat application in-between drying until saturated.

D10- It is left for slow natural drying for extra softness.

D11- Surface strays are wiped with Hydrator-3.3 to free of sticky residue and leave to slow natural drying for extra softness. 4th step- Finishing:

D12-Resurface soiling is once again brush and erase accordingly to lighten up and inspect for satisfaction otherwise repeat relevant steps as necessary. 5th step- Protection: Instruction . . .

D13- Mist sprays Protector-S, brush evenly, brush again when dry to set the nap for a “finger writing effect” and is ready for use when dry.

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