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07-08-2019, 09:51 AM

I have a newly purchased aniline-dyed leather couch from West Elm (https://www.westelm.com/products/denmark-loveseat-h1814/?sku=195045). Unfortunately, within a couple of days of purchase we acquired a couple of stains.

The first is a cat vomit, I ordered Kit-Aw5.ps - Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Protein Stain Remover Kit , but I don't see any specific instructions for use.

The source of the second stain is unclear, i suspect it might be water, but is there a general recommendation on how to treat an unknown stain?

In general, since the leather is dyed, am I at risk of lightening the dye by using these products?

thank you!

Roger Koh
07-16-2019, 09:11 AM
>>> Top-grain Italian leather upholstery.

>>> Aniline leather has a natural look and soft, waxy finish that will scuff over time and develop a beautiful vintage patina with age and use.

With this description (it did not say that it is an “Aniline Wax Pull-up), it is rather an Aniline with a “waxy-matte” topcoat. Aniline Wax Pull-up has a “glossy sheen” and it lightens when it is pulled.

There are many varieties of aniline leather.

Thus the difference for your set is sealed with an AnilineTop-21W

And protected with Protector-W/W+ to match.

Procedure to remove the vomit stain is as follows:

Step-1 -
The surface deposit is removed with HorsehairBrush-1, LeatherEraser-4
http://www.leatherdoctor.com/leathereraser-4/ or LeatherEraser-6 and vacuum or wipe clean free of residue.
Note that the topcoat in most cases will be damaged and need to be refinished after the stain is removed. There might be a little discoloration and this side effect is rectified by using Hydrator-3.3 to redistribute the dormant aniline dyestuff from the structure thickness to the surface. And the entire panel has to be done without allowing any dry space, otherwise, line ring and marks will be another repeat to disperse them. If this expectation is understood, we can proceed with the wet cleaning.

- CleanProtein-9.9 (pH 9.9) is used accordingly to instruction, following deep into the leather structure to break the stain down. With the help of a smooth spatula like a spoon, agitating it to break up the coagulating stain. Inevitably the topcoat is the sacrifice for a moment to reach deep to the bottom of the stain. It will be refinished with AnilineTop-21W.

- Acidifier-2.0 (pH 2.0) is used as a rinse and a pH balancer to control the leather chemistry from denaturing. Any stickiness or sliminess is to be pH balanced to a squeaky feel with Acidifier-2.0 to the leather original integrity.
This removal process is repeated until satisfaction. And to even out appearance, the rest of the surrounding area may receive the same treatment.

- Hydrator-3.3 (pH 3.3) helps to bring up fresh color by redistributing from the surrounding areas. With this technique, we save the color touch up. The activated dyestuff will blend in naturally when done accordingly. Read more details here: http://www.leatherdoctor.com/hydrator-3-3/

- Fatliquort-5.0 (pH 5.0) continues while the leather is still damp from Hydrator-3.3, when dry it will have your leather as soft as you wish. Read more details here: http://www.leatherdoctor.com/fatliquor-5-0/

- Hydrator-3.3 is used to remove surface residue-free from any milky appearance which may affect the AnilineTop-21-W from proper adhesion.

- AnilineTop-21-W application may be padded, rolled or airbrush accordingly. This waxy-matte topcoat will seal the dyestuff from bleeding and rubbing.

- Protector-W scentless or Protector-W+
http://www.leatherdoctor.com/protector-w-4/ leather-scented enhance the waxy-matte effect and helps to prolong the wear of AnilineTop-21W

Let me know if you need clarification.

You may take pictures of your progress for easier troubleshooting if you miss a step.

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