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08-08-2016, 10:04 AM
I've attached a few pics of the Vachetta that will need some TLC.
I bought the bag brand new two years ago.
I didn't know anything about Vachetta leather until after I basically destroyed the bag.
I turned to youtube for instructions on how to clean the vachette (BIG No No).
The leather started to turn brown after I tried cleaning it with baby wipes.
I found out later that using the wipes caused the vachetta to attract more dust and oil.
Then I tried using a clear non- alcohol based softsoap.
The soap helped a little however, the vachetta is still dark.
The vachetta appears to be cracking and it is extremely stiff and dry.
Can you please advise what would be the best remedy step by step to improve the vachetta leather on this bag.





Roger Koh
08-08-2016, 10:59 AM
>>> Can you please advise what would be the best remedy step by step to improve the vachetta leather on this bag.

Body oil, grease and sweat darkening effect are removed with Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 as sequence of system-V1.
Baby wipes that turns the leather brown are rectify with VachettaPro-1.2 > Rinse-3.0 as sequence of system system-V2.
The extreme stiffness and dryness is improves with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 as sequence of system-V3.
Darkening appearance if finally redox (reduction-oxidation) with Vachetta-2.8 as sequence of system-V4.
When appearance is satisfactorily achieved other than existing cracking it is protected with Protector-D as sequence of system-V5.

The simulated monogram leather if desired is clean first prior to cleaning the Vachetta as follows:
Restorative cleaning with Prep-4.4 > Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 as sequence of system-S1.
Non-stick, rub-resistant protection with a classic leather scent with Protector-B+ as sequence of system-S2.

Fabric lining is cleaning similar to above system S1 & S2 with Sanitizer-3.9 as optional before S2.

Note that all products suffix name mention represent its pH value and you can see they are all acidic leather-safe (pH 3 – 5) otherwise they need to be pH balanced to the Vachetta leather pH neutral (iso-electric point or pI) from denaturing the leather or reverting them to rawhide with stiffness and cracking.

Use this Vachetta (V) Leather Problem Solving Matrix for reference.

Products mentioned are mainly found in this Kit-V7+

Leather Sanitizer from this link:

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