View Full Version : Restoration Hardware New Brompton Cocoa Aniline Wax Pull-up Leather Cat Scratches!

01-24-2016, 06:04 PM
Hi Roger! We're ordering this for brand new Brompton Cocoa Aniline Pull-Up leather from Restoration Hardware which we bought this week - and the cat promptly scratched. We already have a crepe/rubber block, but please let us know if we've missed anything critical for this? Thank you!! Rachel



Roger Koh
01-24-2016, 07:06 PM
My approach to this cat scratch repairs are multi-folds.
Surface finishes is scratches off and will need replacement that blends in not too dark or too light, but blend in naturally. The repairs surface must be smooth just like a natural scar. And if we scrutinize carefully we will see such scars during the animal lifetime or repairs from the tannery not found on manmade artificial leathers.

The sequence of approach:

Step 1 – Hydrator-3.3
Hydrator-3.3 when left to dwell applied with a water color painting brush or a good cotton swab along the scratches and leave to slow dry with continues application or apply a cling wrapper to control evaporation even up to 72hrs will see the color back up from the excess dyestuff from the thickness of the leather structure. Bringing back the color using this method will never have a problem of making the scratches becoming too dark with dyestuff.

Step 2 – Fatliquor-5.0
Fatliquor-5.0 is an ionic negative (-ve) charged fat and oil, it hydrogen bonds with the ionic positive (+ve) charged leather protein fiber and magnifies or amplifies the color intensity bringing closer to the original color.

Step 3 - EffectWax-8.6
Give this a test and it may pull the color up – thus save any direct color repairs.

Step 4 – Aniline-21
Aniline-21 color intensity may be cut with distilled water to slowly build up color intensity.
Will only know the color when completely dry.

Step 5 – Adhesor-73
Scratches roughness is smooth with Adhesor-73. Any flaps that may not smooth out may need Bond-3D to do so. On all absorbent leathers these 2 products will produce a darkening effect to a degree and good to do a simulated pretest on hidden corner

Step 6 - EffectWax-8.6
An aniline wax pull-up without this secondary conditioner will soon loose it fashion pull-up effect. Besides the lively pull-up effect, it restores its natural gloss when the wax crystalline deposit on the surface and heat activated with a heat gun. This is done on the entire clean surfaced for an even appearance.

Step 7 – AnilineTop-21G
Extra shine is achieved with this AnilineTop-21G. The heavy-duty version is with AnilineTop-76G.

Step 8 – Protector-D+
This product is specially formulated to repair routine surface scuffs as it fill, seal and conceal with fine crystalline wax and during every repairs or cleaning routine.

What do you think?