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04-05-2009, 10:22 AM
Dear Roger

This is Lin from Taipei, Taiwan. I am studying in bag cleaning and repair to open a store in the recent future.

I find your webpage by searching engine and I am very curious about your products.

I would like to buy some but there are too many various make me confused in choosing.

Can you tell me which products were the most basic cleaner and stain removal?

By the way, I have a question to ask your opinion.

Regarding the parts of Pure Aniline of Louis Vuitton(picture as URL below)

Do you have any idea of how to clean up the oil sludge on it?


Regards, Lin

Roger Koh
04-06-2009, 12:22 PM
This Louis Vuitton® bag handle leather is known as “Vachetta”.

Pure Aniline is referred to leathers that are dyed with aniline dyes (aniPureDye21™) with a light waxy matte topcoat like aniPureTop53WM™

The color of this leather derives from the vegetable tanning agents itself, so they are natural.

The condition of the handle now is greased with perspiration and oils.

Bear in mind that this untreated leather is very absorbent and the stains would have penetrated into the leather structure.

The pH of this leather is lower than the average of 3 - 5.

So any liquid stains that has a pH value higher than 5 will stain it with ring marks.

Higher than pH 5 contaminated prolong soiling may result in tackiness or sliminess to the feel, as sliminess when wet denotes the denaturing of the leather and squeaky feels suggest that the leather is healthy.

Oil and grease with ageing will tend to oxidized and turns yellowish.

So besides the grease you may have other problem to it namely:

Tackiness or sliminess that requires acidifier2.0™ to bring it to a squeaky feel when wet.

Oxidized yellowing requires d’Yellow6.7™ to reduce the yellowing effect.

The recommended procedure is as follows:

A: Degreasing
d’Oil4.4™ > clean3.8™ > rinse3.0™.

B: Tackiness or Sliminess Rectification (as required)

C: Antimicrobial (optional)
sanitize3.9™ for sanitizing, or d’Bacteria3.7™ for sterilizing.

D: Structure softening and strengthening (mandatory)

E: Reduce oxidized grease yellowing effect (as required)

F: Protective Top Coat (optional)
anilineTop54M™ a matte aniline top coat may help to reduce stains.

G: Leather Scent Non-stick “draggy feel” conditioner is the recommended feel for this leather.

For the Simulated Leathers depending on the soiling level matching products are as follows:

1: Greasy Soiling
d’Grease4.9™ > clean3.8™ > rinse3.0™.

2: Heavy Soiling
preClean4.3™ > clean3.8™ > rinse3.0™.

3: Light Soiling
clean3.8™ > rinse3.0™.

4: Leather Scent Non-stick “buttery feel” conditioner is the recommended feel for the simulated leathers.

Further questions are welcome

Roger Koh
[email protected]

The number suffix of the products denotes their pH value.

04-09-2009, 12:54 AM
Hi~ Roger

Have Any solvent products to cleaner and stain removal?


Roger Koh
04-09-2009, 01:29 AM
For leathers we prefer to use leather-safe products, a pH between 3 and 5.


Roger Koh
04-12-2009, 02:14 PM
Essential tools you need for this job are the anilineEraser4™ and leatherBrush1™.