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05-25-2015, 08:24 AM
I am not having much luck with my new sofas. This deep scuff was the result of having a few friends over this weekend. What can be done to repair this deep scuff? I am already posed to buy a leather kit but do I need to supplement with a bonder/ filler or dye to repair? A step by step guide would be greatly appreciated.


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Roger Koh
05-26-2015, 02:49 PM
This description of Aniline Wax Pull-up leather will give us an understanding of how the color is derived.

Wax pull-up leathers derive its color from dyestuff and effect wax that gives the leather a lively distressed look. When this leather is pulled, stretched or scratched, the waxes dissipate characteristically and become lighter in those areas. Sunlight and stretching through high wear areas are two main indications that the infused wax needs replenishing. As this, effect wax behaves just like the primary fatliquor they do diminish through ageing and will need periodic replenishing. Besides contributing to the color intensity, it improves in water shedding effect. Effect wax when applied to the leather penetrates while some transforms into fine cloudy crystal and remains on the surface. The dried surface white powdery deposits are then heat activated and when they melt, they coat the surface with a glossy sheen. In a restorative care cycle an urethane gloss topcoats is applied to restore its original appearance.

From the picture it would look like a dyestuff would be necessary to camouflage the lighter structure damages from this link:
Color could be match from red-brown, dark-brown or antique-brown or a combination from this link:

>>> This deep scuff. . . do I need to supplement with a bonder/ filler or dye to repair?

On a high wear or flex area the flexing strength will determine how long it is going to last from cracking.
The strongest repairs that will never crack is just using Bond-3D with donor suede from the reverse side of this leather doing the filling up.
Simply add dye to the donor color until it matches up when dry prior to fill the deep scuff up.
This Bond-3D
filling repair is only manageable to smooth it to the touch with the help of Bond-7A.

You may test out a little repairs to see how the leather response prior to the actual repairs.

Using Stucco-90 as fillers will be very difficult to get the color right and is also subject to micro-cracking in the long run.

Roger Koh
Leather Care Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor

Product information:

Leather DoctorŽ Kit-Aw7.cl, aniline wax pull-up leather dye refinishing kit is designed for dyestuff and topcoat refinishing after degreasing in a holistic approach. Most severely penetrated, prolonged and neglected stains from the bare head and hands that show a darkening effect with a sticky feel have its topcoat and dyestuff probably deteriorated by the oil, grease and sweat. When the stain feels sticky, it is a sign of leather denaturing and reverting to rawhide from breaking of bonds with the tanning agent. When sign of color is transfer to a white towel, it indicates that the dyestuff has also break bonds with the protein fiber. When leather is stiff or show signs of whitish residue migrating, it shows that the fatliquor is breaking bonds as well with the protein fiber. The main component of the leather protein fiber is amphoteric while the other constituents are not; shifting of the pH mainly caused from sweat to alkalinity affects the pH imbalance. To revert from denaturing into rawhide prior to topcoat refinishing, contaminated alkaline soiling is removed with Degreaser-2.2, a waterbased (pH 2.2) multifunctional degreaser that emulsifies greasy contamination besides controlling dye bleeding and charging the protein fiber ionic positive for strengthening the attraction between the ionic negative tanning agent, dyestuff and fatliquor. Deflocculated and suspended soiling is towel extracted, thereafter rinse and pH balanced with Acidifier-2.0 to prevent the leather from reverting to rawhide. When leather feels sticky or slimy it is a sign of leather denaturing, a squeaky feel when wet is a sign of healthy leather. Hydrator-3.3 relaxes stiff leathers and removes surface tension free from surface blotchiness prior to fat and oil replenishing. Fat and oil is replenished with Fatliquor-5.0 to rejuvenate the leather for the desired suppleness when dry. Wax Effect-8.6 rejuvenates the structural wax pull-up effect and coagulates a cloudy waxy coating on the surface to be heat activated into the characteristic glossy sheen. Protector-D+ enhances a non-stick draggy-feel to shield against sticky soiling, besides healing and concealing lightening scuff and abrasion marks. Note that the mentioned product suffix number denotes its pH value in this holistic leather-safe aniline wax pull-up leathers topcoat and dyestuff refinishing system.