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  1. Mould in Nubuck
  2. If you were to start from the begin
  3. Working with Leather
  4. How to remove ballpoint ink from pigmented leather.
  5. Basic Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Instruction for Non-Technician
  6. How-To: Remove Permanent Marker Stain from Leather Non-Destructively!
  7. Question on vinegar
  8. Identification of Leather Types and finishes.
  9. Leather cleaning products & Ph
  10. What is Leather-Safe?
  11. What is Pigmented Leather?
  12. What is Leather Cleaning?
  13. On Discovery Channel's series "Dirty Jobs," fat-liquor is used to lubricate animal hides to make them soft and water resistant.
  14. Urine/Feces Decontamination for all leathers including Nubuck, Vachetta, Semi-Aniline and Aniline various finish types.
  15. Leather Cleaning Workshop
  16. How to Avoid Leather Care Side Effects!
  17. Instructor’s Biography
  18. Leather Cleaning and Restoration Glossary - Commonly use Industry Terms and Definitions
  19. Myths About Leather
  20. Leather Chair in Poor condition
  21. Interested in Training Inquiry
  22. Sop
  23. Detailer interested in adding leather repair to my list of services
  24. 1920s Leather Cartridge Bag. Help please.
  25. Levis belt