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Thread: Gucci Fiat 500 white leather seats stain with small red dye dots from a pink floor mat - What can I do?

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    Default Gucci Fiat 500 white leather seats stain with small red dye dots from a pink floor mat - What can I do?

    I have a Gucci fiat 500.
    A pink floor mat got wet and stained small red dots all over my white leather seats.
    It won't rub out at all.
    What can I do?

    Here are the stains.
    Red dyes on white leather.
    We have tried a few leather cleaners but none worked.
    I've been told I will have to replace the white leather on my back seat as there are three white panels and all are stained.
    This is what the local detail place told me.
    What do you think?







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    Products used for the stain removal in found in the Kit B3.di.
    Note that this kit may not solve the problem created by unknown products with fail attempts compounding to the existing problem. Existing clear topcoating may be damaged or removed during these fail attempts that make the color coating weaker. Restoration of topcoat to protect the colorcoat of the leather is recommended after successful stain removal prior to further protecting it from friction rubs with a non-stick, rub-resistant protector to prolong the wear of the leather finish.

    Leather Doctor® Kit B3.di

    Here are the contents of the kit with their general instructions. . .

    Leather Doctor® Bleach-9.9
    It's for non-absorbent pigmented leather types only.
    This powder bleach becomes pH 9.9 when mixed with hot water to a creamy paste to bleach dyes stains without affecting the color pigment.
    Compound dye stains other components (carbon, grease and shellac or varnish binder) have to be removed prior to bleaching the remaining dye residues.
    Ballpoint and Stamp Pad Ink – use Prep-7.7 (a.k.a. Ink Remover-7.7) thru Cleaner-3.8 then Rinse-3.0.
    Note: Not suppose to be used on leather without a non-absorbent finish as it will denature the leather structure - use at your own risk!
    This product is available in 30gm bottles.
    Mixing Instructions:
    The powder Bleach-9.9 has to be mixed into a creamy paste to be applied onto the dye stains so that it remains on top of the surface, otherwise penetrating onto the leather crust cause denaturing to the leather with a yellow stain. This is done by using non-metal tools to mix with added hot water. Advanced formula includes adding Prep-7.7 for a longer more effective suspending and bleaching effect.
    Test finishes absorbency strength with Hydrator-3.3 (soak a paper-rag cut out and place over stain for 30mins); if it darkens void the bleaching.
    Perforated and stitching holes are to be avoided too.
    A) Standard Mix:
    A.1] The approximate ratio mix is Bleach-9.9 [3] to Hot Water [1].
    A.2] For example, weight 9gm of Bleach-9.9 into the empty plastic bottle, then add 3gm of Hot Water using the pipette and stir it up to a creamy paste.
    B) Advanced Mix:
    B.1] Bleach-9.9 is first mixed with Prep-7.7 and thereafter hot water is added to mix it to a whitish creamy paste.
    B.2] The ratio by weight is Bleach-9.9 [1] + Prep-7.7 [2] + Hot Water [2].
    B.3] Example of the mix by weight in the bottle may start with Bleach-9.9 [10gm] + Prep-7.7 [20gm]; stir well then add Hot Water [20gm] using the pipette, stir again and leave for 10 minutes or so for it to gel to a whitish creamy paste prior to application.
    The paste is applied onto the stain, preferably use a cut out paper-rag to place on top; this helps the released stains to be absorbed by the paper-rag instead.
    Check every 2 hours to a maximum of 6 hours to see the effect of the bleaching.
    Use bleach at your own risk, if the finish becomes absorbent (with a darkening effect) stops the bleaching immediately. Clean off sticky residue with Cleaner-3.8 follows with Rinse-3.0 until a squeaky feel. Avoid physical rubbing which may damage the finish during the bleaching process. Blotting action and light agitation using horsehair Brush-3 is recommended.
    pH Neutralization:
    Neutralize the area with a soak of Acidifier-2.0 with a cut out paper-rag and leave to dwell. Change paper when becomes soiled and repeat with double the bleaching time (e.g. a 6 hours bleaching would require a 12 hours neutralizing time).

    Leather Doctor® Acidifier-2.0
    This is a pH 2.0 aqueous leather acidifier; developed for dye bleeding control and neutralizing alkaline exposure that cause marks, streaks, brightness, tackiness or sliminess from spills or cleaners.
    It's for all leather types including Bicast, Pigmented, Aniline, Vachetta, Nubuck, Suede, Hair-on-Hide and Woolskin leather types.
    This product is also available in concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 25.
    For severe cases the concentration can be increase to pH 1.0 by cutting with 4 parts of distilled water.
    Thus a 60ml bottle makes 1.64 quarts of ready-to-use product to save on shipping.
    Ready-to-use packing sizes are available in 250ml and in Quart.
    Concentrate packing sizes are available in 60ml (1.64 quarts), 250ml (6.87 quarts) and in Quart (26 quarts).
    Spray direct and agitate with leather, nubuck or suede brush.
    Dwell 10 to 30 minutes depending on exposure severity.
    Extract residues with dry absorbent towel.
    Test for reduced bleeding or a satisfactory healthy squeaky clean.

    Leather Doctor® Prep-7.7 (60ml).
    This is a pH 7.7 aqueous high viscosity leather preparatory cleaner for pigmented leather types. It is developed to strip foreign soil accumulation to the original finish. It works by dwell-time from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on soiling severity, allowing its’ superior penetrating, lubricating and suspending power to do the work. Successive towel extraction of suspended soiling with fresh application is followed through until the soiling is exhausted. It has proven to work safely on: grease based ink stains like ballpoint ink; water based ink stains like stamp pad ink; dye transfer stains like blue jeans, leather, ink print and newsprint with a longer dwell/extraction/application cycle up to 72 hours. It is highly recommended that the remaining sticky residue is thereafter removed in conjunction with Cleaner-3.8 and Rinse-3.0 as a holistic leather-safe system to a squeaky feel.

    Leather Doctor® Cleaner-3.8 (250ml).
    This is a pH 3.8 all purpose leather-safe anionic cleaner that is particularly effective in emulsifying oily soils and in suspending its particulates. It works by penetrating, lubricating and suspending soiling safely and effectively through gentle chemical reaction; working in perfect harmony with all leather constituents that include the tanning agent, preservative, dyestuff and especially the fatliquor. It's safe for all leather trims including; aniline, vachetta, nubuck and suede. This product is always followed through with Rinse-3.0 as a system to a healthy squeaky feel.

    Leather Doctor® Rinse-3.0 (250ml).
    This is a pH 3.0 aqueous anionic leather-safe rinse to neutralize harmful alkaline and perspiration residues; for stabilizing and strengthening leather to its neutral pH value of 3 to 5/6 chemistry integrity. It's safe for all leather trims including; aniline, vachetta, nubuck and suede.

    Leather Doctor® Protection-B+ (120ml)
    It’s for Pigmented, Aniline and Nubuck Oil Pull-up leather types.
    This is a non-film forming, non-stick rub-resistant protector that enhances a soft natural buttery-feel with a classic leather scent.
    It’s for imparting a non-stick breathable barrier essentially to shield the detrimental effects of sticky soiling including the nasty ballpoint ink.
    And for helping to release those tenacious dye-transfers stains especially on light colored leathers easily without resorting to unnecessary color refinishing.
    Its natural buttery-feel protection increases the leather resistance to wet and dry rubs, thus reduce stretch, scuff and abrasion.
    And it reduces friction squeaks that wear the finishes when leather is rubbed against during movement.
    Or friction that wears the leather finishes caused by getting in and out of auto.
    This product is also available in concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 9½.
    Thus a 120ml bottle makes 1.39 quarts of Ready-To-Use product to save on shipping.
    Ready-To-Use packing sizes are available in 250ml and in Quart.
    Concentrate packing sizes are available in 120ml (1.39 quarts), 250ml (2.77 quarts) and in Quart (10.5 quarts).
    To reduce sheen and scent add scentless Protection-B.
    1] Identify, inspect and dry soil removal prior to application.
    2] Shake well, mist spray and spread evenly with a foam brush.
    3] Or spray and wipe with absorbent towel for quick easy care.

    Horsehair Detailing Leather Brush-1
    This horsehair detailing brush is ergonomically designed to be an extension of our hand with sturdy grooved grip, designed to produce an effective result easily and efficiently for many years to come. It’s recommended for all smooth leather, to deliver a scratch-free agitation cleaning. The length is 7 inches with a three row 1½ inches bristles cleaning head.

    This is the 3” made in USA washable foam brush for general product application.

    Washable Rags
    This rag works like washable cloth, lint free and highly absorbent for extracting suspended soiling or for wiping protectors during routine easy cleaning-protection application.

    Refills are available...for more information email

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    I believe there is an added problem to be solved, besides those pictures showing the stains is the driver seat shown as picture #6
    “Drivers seat is stained too with dirt and my bronzer from tanning

    Picture #6 should not be an issue once the dye stains are solved with similar procedure.

    First, let us have a test to see the result before the actual removing procedure for a larger area.

    Here are the possible scenarios:

    1] Prep-7.7 effective overnight dwelling solve the problem.
    2] A repeat of the above up to 72 hours may be necessary to see the result as the stain may be compounded with unknown chemistry.
    3] A “plan-B” action using Bleach-99 as a booster into the Prep-7.7.
    4] If the stain is stubborn, not very possible, plan-B can be repeated.
    5] Worst scenario is the requirement of a color touch up due to weakening of the topcoat.
    6] Topcoat touch-up after successful removal at any one stage is highly recommended.

    Let have this picture as a reference:

    Here is the recommended procedure for the dye stain removal:

    1] Select an area for a test as indicate in blue circle.
    2] Cut out the shape from the towel provided.
    3] Squeeze the Prep-7.7 neatly on the stain dots and place the cut-out paper soaking through.
    4] Use food cling wrapper to control the paper and Prep-7.7 from streaking away.
    5] Leave it for an overnight dwell.
    6] Show some pictures if you are doing it accordingly, preferably by the steps.
    7] See if the color is transfer to the paper before removing it.
    8] Remove and inspect to see the result.
    9] Show the result before the next move.

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    I finally had time to try it. I applied the 7.7 like you told me and it did fade the red dye quite a bit. However there is still a small amount of red left in the sample area I used. Should I leave it on longer than 24hrs? Also can I use the cleaner and conditioner after the prep7.7?

    Do I use the cleaner to remove the dirt from my drivers seat?

    See examples below, the technique you place paper towel over the stain and let the Prep-7.7 squeeze through without air space – leave it for a 24 hour inspection and may repeat for another 24 hours.

    #1 Dye Stains

    #2 Prep-7.7 Applications

    #3 Place paper towel and squeeze through the Prep-7.7 without leaving air space

    #4 Peel the paper towel off after 24 hours.

    You may clean the rest of the seat in this manner:

    1] Apply Prep-7.7 over the entire area with the foam brush and leave for 15min to a day and let the product works out the soiling.

    2] Sticky residue is removed by Cleaner-3.8.

    3] Rinse with Rinse-3.0 until squeaky-clean.

    4] When dry apply Protection-B+

    Roger Koh

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