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    Default Adhesion Promoter, Crosslinker & Flow Controller

    Leather Dyeing & Coloring Auxiliary (3):
    Leather Adhesion Promoter,
    Leather Topcoat Crosslinker &
    Leather Color Flow Controller.

    Leather Doctor® Adhesor-73
    It’s an auxiliary for Pigmented and Aniline leathers refinishing.
    This is an aqueous compact resin adhesion promoter to ensure proper adhesion prior to color coating.
    It's also added to Aniline Dye-21 for dye coating absorption resistant areas to reduce color blotchiness.
    And it’s also used after WaxEffect8.6 prior to top coating.
    This product is also available in concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 1.
    Thus a quart makes 2 quarts of Ready-To-Use product to save on shipping.
    Ready-To-Use packing sizes are available in 60ml, 250ml and in Quart.
    Concentrate packing sizes are available in quart (2 quarts).
    Email for prices.
    Strip clean of foreign contamination prior to application – use Prep-7.7 > Cleaner-3.8 > Rinse-3.0.
    1] Shake well, hand padding preferred to ensure better anchorage for non-absorbent leathers.
    2] Fine airbrushing for absorbent leathers to reduce patchiness.
    3] Let dry naturally or speed dry with blow dryer.
    3] Proceed with choice of further coating.

    Leather Doctor® Crosslinker-25
    It’s an auxiliary for refinishing topcoats to improve adhesion properties and increase top coat film strength.
    This is a high solid, polyaziridine crosslinker, without the VOC (volatile organic compound).
    It's super-concentrated and when incorporating 3 to 10% to the topcoat it will significantly boost adhesion.
    By creating a tougher film that also ties up some of the hydrophilic elements.
    This product is available in 60ml.
    Email for prices.
    1] Mix and stir simultaneously.
    2] Use topcoat within 8 hours.

    Leather Doctor® Thickener-48
    This is an auxiliary aqueous carboxylated acrylic co-polymer thickening agent to stabilize color during spraying.
    It’s to adjust the flow of color to improve hold-up especially on vertical panels and antiquing two-tone fashion leathers.
    It is highly effective and maintains the viscosity over the period of use.
    This product is available in 60ml and 120ml.
    Email for prices.
    1] Add 5 to 15% of total weight of color and stir simultaneously while adding.
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