Leather Repairer (5):
Leather Impregnator,
Leather Bond,
Leather Bonding Aid,
Leather Stucco &
Leather Patch.

Leather Doctor® Impregnator-26
It’s a Leather Surface Repairer for Pigmented and Aniline leather types.
This is a protein compact resin blend compound impregnator.
It’s for impregnating worn leather grains and micro cracks.
It’s to seal, strengthen and leveling out uneven absorption for further coating process.
It fills and tightens with good leveling properties that is film forming for improve abrasion resistance.
This product is also available in concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 0.5.
Thus a quart makes 1.5 quarts of Ready-To-Use product to save on shipping.
Ready-To-Use packing sizes are available in 60ml, 120ml, and 250ml and in Quart.
Concentrate packing sizes are available in quart (1.5 quarts).
Email info@leatherdoctor.com for prices.
For color skin repairs add colors accordingly up to ratio 1: 1.
1] Shake well, pad to saturate all weak and absorbent areas.
2] Concentrate on weak areas otherwise wipe off unnecessary excess to reduce buildup.

Leather Doctor® Leather Bond-3D
It’s for leather structure bonding repairs.
This is an aqueous medium soft polyurethane leather bond that will not lift the leather finishes unlike other solvent based glue.
This product is available in 7gm and 30gm.
Email info@leatherdoctor.com for prices.
Colors and dyes can be added for aesthetic repairs
1] Test for darkening effect when dry prior to repair.
2] Use leather Patch-4S as sub-patch to bond.
3] Use leather Bond-7A to smoothen repairs without the need to sanding.

Leather Doctor® Leather Bond-7A
It’s for bond smoothening aid and excess clean up.
This is a soft nitrocellulose lacquer emulsion bonding aid.
It’s to level and remove excess leather bond from leather surface safely without the need for sanding.
This product is available in 7gm and 30gm.
Email info@leatherdoctor.com for prices.
1] Let dwell, work and remove excess bond with Leather Spatula-6.
2] Wipe off and follows with damp towel to remove unwanted sheen before it dries.

Leather Doctor® Leather Stucco-90
It’s for leather filling repairs or in conjunction with leather Bond-3D colors and dyes.
This is aqueous high concentrated compact resin blend leather stucco.
This product is available in 5gm and 40gm.
Email info@leatherdoctor.com for prices.
1] For added strength and flexibility on high stress areas blend with leather Bond-3D.
2] Impregnator-26, Adhesor-73 or Pigment Standard-64 can be blended for ease of application or to produce desired repair result.
3] Apply to prep cleaned surface for better anchorage.
4] Clean up surrounding areas immediately with damp towel and let dry.
5] Refill as necessary and let 4 – 8 hours curing time.
6] Fine sanding as necessary prior to leather Impregnator-26 to reduce porosity with added strength.

Leather Doctor® Leather Patch-4S
It’s for used as a sub-patch or as a surface skin repair.
This is 0.4mm thick vegetable tanned full-grain leather.
This product is available in 1” x 4” and 6” x 4”.
Email info@leatherdoctor.com for prices.
1] Apply bond to the suede side when used as a sub-patch.
2] Apply bond to the grain side when used as an insert skin repair.