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Thread: Nubuck & Suede Dyeing System (9)

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    Default Nubuck & Suede Dyeing System (9)

    Nubuck & Suede Translucent Dyeing System (9):
    Rubine &
    Dye Fix (Natural).

    Leather Doctor® Nubuck Dye-28
    Leather Doctor® Nubuck Dye-28 is a translucent micro-pigment-dye hybrid that surface color to camouflage or obscure unwanted stains by fine airbrushing for nubuck and suede. To coat over existing standard smooth aniline leathers an auxiliary adhesion promoter using Adhesor-73 is recommended. Always use transparent Aniline Dye-21 for dyeing to maintain its natural clarity and tactile sensation on even colors as priority before resorting to this translucent hybrid for uneven colors especially from sun fading.
    Standard colors available in Black-815, Orange-857, Red-880, Red-Brown-859, Yellow-828, Dark-Brown-824, Rubine-813 and Blue-919.
    Ready-To-Use packing sizes are available in 60ml, 250ml and in quart.
    Email for prices.
    1] Prep clean - use Prep-4.4 follows with Cleaner-3.8 then Rinse-3.0.
    2] Leather rejuvenation – use Hydrator-3.3 follows with Fatliquor-5.0.
    3] Exfoliate surface - use leather Eraser-4 for Nubuck and suede Eraser-5 for Suede.
    4] Dry application - set air pressure from 80 to 100psi.
    5] Adjust to cone shape spray pattern.
    6] Increase atomization and decrease feed.
    7] Spray in a circular motion and continuous brushing deep into the nap without saturation.
    8] Repeat a section at a time and brush accordingly.
    9] Check for even good coverage when dry.
    10] Protect to prevent crocking or bleeding - use Dye Fix-99.

    Leather Doctor® Dye Fix-99
    It’s a natural finish for Pure-Aniline, Nubuck and Suede.
    This is an aqueous formulation dye fix spray to abate crocking.
    Crocking is greatly reduced or eliminated on most leather with good fixing.
    It improves wet rub fastness and reduces bleeding.
    It maintains the natural feel and “finger writing effect” of the nap.
    This product is also available in concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 25.
    Thus a 60ml makes 1.64 quarts of Ready-To-Use product to save on shipping.
    Ready-To-Use packing sizes are available in 60ml, 250ml and in quart.
    Concentrate packing sizes are available in 60ml (1.64) and quart (26 quarts).
    Email for prices.
    1] Use as a standalone or on soiled leathers prep clean prior to application – use Prep-4.4 follows with cleaner-3.8 then rinse-3.0.
    2] Exfoliate to renew nap - use leather Eraser-4.
    3] Dry application with cone shape spray - set air pressure between 80 to 100psi.
    4] Increase atomization and decrease feed.
    5] Spray in a circular motion with continuous brushing deep into the nap without over flooding a section at a time.
    6] Brush again when dry for a “finger writing effect”.
    7] Impart a silky-feel, non-stick protection with a classic leather scent - use Protection-S+ (leather Scent-S).
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