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Thread: Aniline Wax Pull-up - Restoration

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    Default Aniline Wax Pull-up - Restoration

    Roger, Do you think it will be possible to restore this severely damaged waxed aniline furniture set to the look and feel like new. There are also several very oily areas that i'm sure are hiding more damage.


    The left arm of the sofa is cracked and oily.


    The left bottom cushion and center cushion are very worn and have a suede like appearance and feel. Feels weak as though it could easily split.


    The left back cushion has a hole

    The ottoman is very worn and has a slight suede look and feel

    The one chair has a very worn left arm, cracking, soiled and worn to suede also.


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    One thing for sure, there is more work to be done to the leather structure than to its finishing.

    1] Penetrated Oil Stains picture #2 & #8 need degreasing with minor skin repairs (Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 > Impregnator-26 + Aniline Dye-21 > Fine-Sanding).

    2] Cracks are structural damages and picture #3 need repairs (Leather Bond-3D + Leather Stucco + Aniline Dyes-21).

    3] Worn-out areas pictures #4 & #5 needs leather strengthening to build up a smooth surface that matches the surrounding (Impregnator-26 + Aniline Dye-21 + Sanding in-between coating).

    4] Structural repair to a hole as in picture #6 need repairs (Leather Bond-3D + [Leather Bond-7A] + Leather Patch-4S).

    5] The rest of the pictures depicts worn-out requires similar repairs as above 3].

    As there are too much surface repairs to be done it will affect the feel and appearance to the overall result as compare to those areas especially the unused areas.

    To compromise the difference in appearance the translucent Aniline T’lucent-25 would be a better choice.

    The overall result will varied away from the original look somewhat less depth in appearance but has more hiding power with less contrast.

    Hydrating is a major step, so as to fatliquoring until the leather structure plums-up.

    With all the scar and plastic surgery to save the leather structure, it would not be right to say that it will “look and feel like new”.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor®

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