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Thread: Roger's opinion on dye products

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    Default Roger's opinion on dye products

    Hello Roger,
    I would appreciate your input on whether these 2 different couch sets are salvagable via dye, if so, which dye products you recommend and sell

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    >>> I would appreciate your input on whether these 2 different couch sets are salvagable via dye,

    The answer is yes they are salvageable.

    >>> if so, which dye products you recommend and sell

    Blue set from pictures #1 to #3, shows no sign of fading. Perhaps you could show the difference from unused reverse side as compared with heavily used side for a comparison. Also inspect if there is zipper for the seat cushion to see the reverse suede side. If it is blue then it has been dyed trough the leather structure and coated with micro-pigment to have a mono-tone appearance. The recommended kit for semi-aniline leather is Leather Doctor
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    And refills are available as individual products.
    The worn seat cushion is over-stretch and you may need individual products Impregnator-26
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    to tighten it after the degreasing and leather rejuvenating process.

    Tan set from picture #A to #E is probably a “Nubuck” and need to be confirm.
    Picture #A & #B has severe major body oil, grease and sweat that will need to be removed by Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 > Hydrator-3.3 system.
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    Picture #D & #E ring stains are probably pH related stain from alkaline solution and would need CleanPro-1.5 > Acidifier-2.0 to pH balance it. All other stains is to be removed prior to dyeing/coloring with reference to this Nubuck Leather Problem Solving Guide
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    Roger Koh
    Leather, Skin & Hair Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Online-Life-Coaching
    online store:

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