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Thread: Need Help Restoring a leather couch

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    Default Need Help Restoring a leather couch

    Hi guys, I'm in over my head. I got a couch from craigslist that I've been trying to restore but I need help.

    According to my research the couch is made from the following leather: full grain "Waterdanka Camel" which I'm pretty sure is from here:
    The previous owner was talking about something called "color sanding" which I have no idea what it means but the couch has scratch marks that look like he was trying to sand it...
    Anyway I've tried Furniture Clinic cleaner and caramel color but that doesn't seem to work.

    One side of the couch is really faded, almost gray/white ish. The original color is yellow brown mustard like almost.

    This picture shows both color fading and what appears to be sanding. The sanded area seems rough and absorbs eater very quickly. The non sanded areas are smooth and don't seem to absorb water (or do it very very slowly)
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    Well, Pictures 1 and 3 have been sanded and it will not return back to Picture 2 (full grain).

    Pictures 1 and 3 are now know as “Nubuck” as the top grain is already sand off.

    Take a look at this link - all about “Nubuck” and you let me know what help you need next.

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