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Thread: BMW Dakota Oyster - brown belt marks (~6 months old)

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    Default BMW Dakota Oyster - brown belt marks (~6 months old)

    Hello, i discovered a few weeks back some brown marks on my driver's seat. Tried to clean them using the BMW Leather Foam cleaner and Leatherique Pristine Clean with no success, multiple times; also tried with some alcohol, probably rubbed too hard and I feel the upper layer on some very small areas may have been affected.

    I need advice for (1) remove stains (2) repair outer layer (if necessary) and (3) protect with matte finish.

    This is the driver's seat, marks are inside the red area

    Name:  20181118_125404.jpg
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    Here is a closer view:

    Name:  Inked20181118_125409_LI.jpg
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    This is the left side of the image, enlarged. This is where I believe the outer protective layer is damaged.

    Name:  Inked20181118_125421_LI.jpg
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    When I rubbed the belt, from which I think I got the color transfer from, with alcohol this is what i got:
    Name:  20181110_231755.jpg
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    Many thanks for your help!
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    >>> I need advice

    When not leather-safe (that is with a pH value higher then 5) product is used. It is recommended that they are pH re-clean and pH balance with CleanPro-1.5 >
    back to the leather pH neutral of 3 and 5. Alkaline solution will weakens the leather finishes as well as it caused it to swell. The effect of alkaline over exposure is brightening or streaking with tackiness.

    >>> for (1) remove stains

    Dye transfer is limited by “reverse-transfer” technique, this technique utilize Towel-5 to absorb the released dye stain from the working of CleanDye-7.9 (in this situation, otherwise Prep-7.7 is used first and final stain removal if any is work again with CleanDye-7.9). The alkaline pH value will need Acidifer-2.0 to neutralized until a healthy squeak feel.
    Online-Life-Coaching is now available for a fee and a half-hour session will be a guarantee that you do it right the first time (as pictures and words can only convey this much . . .
    However, here is a proven example of how ‘reverse-transfer’ technique works.

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    Another example - Rolls Royce Phantom . . . leather belt stain removal . . .
    Name:  Rolls Royce Belt Stain.jpg
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    >>> (2) repair outer layer (if necessary) and

    This outer layer is the clear topcoat and is repair accordingly with MicroTop-54S (satin) to match, otherwise Duller-63
    add to the desired luster.

    >>> (3) protect with matte finish.

    Non-stick, rub-resistant protection with Protector-B/B+ helps protect the topcoat finishes.

    Products mentioned may be added to this Leather Doctor Kit-Ap7.di
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    Roger Koh
    Leather, Skin & Hair Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Online-Life-Coaching
    online store:
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