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Thread: Condition of leather steering wheel

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    Default Condition of leather steering wheel

    Hi guys,
    I am considering purchasing this vehicle but want to know what the condition is of the leather wrapped steering wheel.
    Is this simply dirty or is the leather damaged and discoloured? How hard would this be to restore to original?
    Many thanks
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    >>> Is this simply dirty or is the leather damaged
    See picture #1 - the split needle holes suggest the that leather is too dry and is rejuvenated with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 system to fervent further crackings

    >>> and discoloured?
    The white patches is most likely the lost of the color finishes - when leather becomes too dry of its original fatliquor the exterior surface weakens and the fibrils exfoliates - Repairs will need Impregntor-26 to strengthen the leather structure prior to refinishing with Adhesor-73 > Micro-54 (custom matched) > MicroTop-54S > Protector-B+/B.

    >>> How hard would this be to restore to original?
    The pigment coloring and topcoating will need a Paasche airbrush application for professional result.

    Products mentioned may be add to this Auto Pigmented/Perforated Leather Color Refinishing

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