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Thread: Prada Black Safiano Bag with Creases

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    Default Prada Black Safiano Bag with Creases

    I'd very much like to find a way to get the creases that are in this Prada bag removed. The design of the bag is really the cause of the creasing. The placement of the handles creates pressure on the top middle and that is why the creases are there. The leather itself is in great condition. Do have any products I can use to help with this problem?

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    >>> Do have any products I can use to help with this problem?

    Impregnator-26 might help to impregnate the leather structure and

    Bond-3D onto its surface.

    The above is done on the reverse suede side.

    Prior to the repair the leather structure is hydrated with Hydrator-3.3 to improve the creases and Fatliquor-5.0 to plumps it up.

    Note that this is embossed leather, and excessive rejuvenating might undo the embossing.

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