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    Default Francis Leather Chair

    Roger, I will need a quart of dye ASAP, I believe that it is micro 54. I will pay for overnight shipping. I just mailed the swatch to you today.

    Name:  20180517_143221.jpg
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    A 07-02

    Name:  20180517_143300.jpg
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    B 07-02 Color loss on arm

    Name:  20180517_143254.jpg
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    C 07-02 Worn area head rest

    Name:  20180517_143310.jpg
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    D 07-02 Worn corner of arm

    Name:  20180517_143321.jpg
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    E 07-02 Seat

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    From pictures, this leather is identified as Semi-Aniline, thus Micro-54 micro-pigment finish type will match.

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    1- Worn areas may have exposed to alkalinity and would need to be pH Balanced with Acidifier-2.0 to increase the ionic positive (+ve) charge of the leather protein fiber.

    2- Leather rejuvenating with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 to the worn areas need extra attention from preventing early dry rot.

    3- Impregnator-26 into the leather structure of the worn areas increases and strengthens refinishing from dry rotting issue.

    4- Adhesor-73 scrub into the leather crust with white 3M nylon pad helps for better adhesion from premature finishes de-lamination.

    5- Thickener-48 5 to 10% by weight into the color mix stabilized color from early separation during the in-between spray application.

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    Roger Koh
    Leather, Skin & Hair Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Coaching

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