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Thread: CHANel bag pocket turned dry and matte!

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    Default CHANel bag pocket turned dry and matte!

    Hello, I would like to have the back pocket of my black chanel lambskin bag restored. I put on some oil with wax on it to buff off some scratches. This turned out to be a big mistake since it turned matte and lost all of its shine. I then tried to restore the bag by putting on leather conditioner, oil and tried redying it because I thought it would help. The dye turned out to be a bluish black which didn't match the rest of the bag, so I tried to get the dye out by scrubbing the bag with a toothbrush and some mild face cleanser, a lot of color came out and I was afraid that I might have rubbed some of its original color out since it started to turn kind of light. I stopped and let it dry, and then tried to put on a different kind of black leather conditioner, which didn't help either. I am now left with a shiny chanel bag, that has a matte back pocket and I don't know what to do. Can you help me by giving my instruction.

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    Please list all the products you used with descriptions and gather them in one picture.
    We need to know if these miss-matched products will affect the final outcome of the finishes restoration.
    Remember that this Chanel lamb bag has a "transparent" aniline finishes and refinishing it back to its original, the residual mismatch products may show through.

    - Buffing Oil with Wax
    - Leather Conditioner and Oil
    - Dyestuff
    - Mild Face Cleanser
    - Different Kind of Black Leather Conditioner.

    Also show pictures of the failed attempt

    See this link for posting pictures . . .


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