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Thread: Shearling coat - inside wool is stiff, itchy

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    Default Shearling coat - inside wool is stiff, itchy

    I have a shearling coat that seems in very good condition. I bought it online so I didn't get to feel it first. The outside is perfect: soft, flexible suede, no discoloration. However, the wool side (on the inside of the coat and on the collar/lapels) is surprisingly bristly and rough. It's not too bad; I can still wear it, and it doesn't shed like some shearling coats I've worn, but it's kind of uncomfortable. I could probably have a lining made for it, but that would be expensive and add to the bulk of the coat. I don't think the coat is very old; it's in quite nice condition. No deterioration at all.

    Is there any kind of product or treatment to soften up the wool inside, or should I go for a lining?

    If I go with a lining, what's the best way to attach it to the leather? I'd like it to be removable to wash, so maybe snaps or eye-hooks?

    Thanks for any advice. This is my first time posting but I have several leather jackets, shoes, and purses, so I'm sure I'll be back. :)

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    >>> Is there any kind of product or treatment to soften up the wool inside?

    Test out a section with this cleaning and conditioning sequence and see any improvement.

    Wool Face Cleaning and Conditioning:

    A- Dry Soil Removal: Instruction:
    A1- Vacuum off foreign soiling with help of suede Brush-3.

    B- Wet Soil Removal:
    B1- Spray CleanWool-5.5, brush at an angle in one direction and towel extract until it shows clean.
    B2- Spray RinseWool-4.0 and towel extract to a squeaky clean. B3- Let natural drying and dry towel wipe of wick-up soiling.

    C- Non-Stick, Rub-Resistant Protection:
    C1- Shake well, mist spray Protector-S evenly and brush-in with towel to pick up soiling at the same time.
    C2- When dry thereafter, groom with suede Brush-3 or a slick comb for best appearance and it is ready for use.

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