Roger - I am looking to restore my 17 year old Nubuck leather couch set, which has various kinds of stains, scratches, color fading etc. The leather itself feels supple to touch, and does not have any cracks or peeling.

I tried to hire leather restoration professionals locally, but most of them declined to accept the work, or were not experienced enough handling Nubuck leather to confidently predict positive outcome for the effort.

I stumbled upon your site, and forum, and am impressed with your scientific approach and positive results that other members of the forum seem to have achieved.

I am planning to start with the smallest piece, completely restore, and stain it to a darker color.

Here are the details with pictures -
Soiling type:
6. Accumulative

Stain type:
7. Penetrated oil, grease and sweat on all pieces
10. Protein based: Milk, body fluids (urine on 1 piece - abt an year old)
11. Tannin based: juice

18. Urine
19. Sweaty

Finish problems:
22. Sun fading
24. Nap renewal (?)

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