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Thread: How to stop the cat from scratching??

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    Default How to stop the cat from scratching??

    Hi there,
    I’m new here. I live in Toronto. We have 2 cats in our home, they are sweet and cute. They are very naughty but I can’t resist them. I love to see their energy and don’t want to spoil that. But the problem here is, we bought a new sofa furniture, it is elegant and beautiful, and our dear cat got interested in its beauty. She wants to be on the sofa. She needs to sleep on it. The everyday night she wakes up from her bed and sleeps on the sofa. I’m fine with everything she does on the sofa but scratching habit made me bit angry. It is a newly bought sofa and she scratched on it with an attitude “never minds even it is new”. That made me angry and I scolded her but she is on her never mind attitude. I know that she the loves the sofa and I’m ready to buy a small sofa for her. But I want to stop her scratching habit on our sofas. How can I train her? I don’t think it is easy to make her stop those practices, so I’m searching for the unscratchable sofas. It would be a great help if someone mention any suggestions or advice.

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    >>> How to stop the cat from scratching??

    Reduce the friction rub is the possible answer - secondly may be the scent - thirdly is the frequent location (to understand what the cats is trying to achieve with the exercise) - show a good picture of its finishes and we can discuss further.

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