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Thread: Sofa Cushions Appear Almost Burnt

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    In the market for two sofas, we stopped at a retailer yesterday and upon moving the throw pillows to sit, I was stunned to see the back cushions were so terribly discolored they appeared almost burnt. While the salesman insisted this was natural wear for aniline leather, my 16 year old aniline American Leather has not suffered the same discoloration. The sofa on the showroom floor was apparently 6 months old and the discoloration was so widespread across the back cushions it wasn't caused by hair oil. Of the three back cushions, only the center cushion was free of discoloration. I would love an explanation! I didn't dare purchase sofas yesterday fearing the exact same fate, if this was truly "natural and expected", as the salesman insisted. BTW: I did observe there were small reading lamps 6" above the sofa arms which extended across each arm so that it was necessary to rotate the lamps in order to even sit. While the light from these lamps wasn't directly shining on the back cushions, I don't know how the showroom may have previously been set up. I am completely baffled--no way is this discoloration normal. Nearly new rust colored leather doesn't randomly turn blackish-brown.

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    Heat from the lamp dries out the leather fat and oil and may darken it (It would be stiffer then the non-overexposed areas like the center cushion.)

    Show some pictures and I can confirm our findings.

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