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Thread: Sticky Leather Sofa?

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    Default Sticky Leather Sofa?

    Hello Roger,

    I called you earlier today in regards to a sticky leather sofa and you instructed me to email you pictures and a description. Although I am not sure, i believe that the sofa is bycast leather. First, Fiebing's Deglazer to wipe the sofa, and then I used Fiebing's dye and applied 2-3 coats. After, I applied 2 coats of Fiebing's Acrylic Finish. After applying the first coat of the finish, I noticed that some colour was still rubbing off even after it dried. That problem went away after applying my second coat. It looks good right? But whenever I sit on it, the sofa becomes very sticky and destroys the top coat of the finish. Please help me! Thank you very much! please respond to me ASAP.

    Sincerely, Kevin Liu

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    >>> i believe that the sofa is bycast leather.

    This leather is identified as bicast/bycast leather

    >>> First, Fiebing's Deglazer to wipe the sofa, and then I used Fiebing's dye and applied 2-3 coats. After, I applied 2 coats of Fiebing's Acrylic Finish. After applying the first coat of the finish, I noticed that some colour was still rubbing off even after it dried. That problem went away after applying my second coat. It looks good right? But whenever I sit on it, the sofa becomes very sticky and destroys the topcoat of the finish. Please help me! Thank you very much! Please respond to me ASAP. Sincerely, Kevin Liu.

    Was the leather sticky prior to Fiebing’s process? The Deglazer may have compounded the stickiness. A low pH system will help rectify stickiness. If it is then all new finishes need to be removed first with Stripper-2.3 (pH 2.3 hydrocarbon stripper). Then process with Kit-B7+ to control stickiness. Color refinishing option is with - Bicast leather Refinishing (color) kit. Otherwise combine content of both kits to solve the color and stickiness problem.

    Further readings:

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    Kit-B7+ - Bicast Leather Sticky Topcoat Refinishing Kit.

    Leather Doctor® Kit-B7+ is an upsize version of Kit-B7 with double the cleaning coverage and topcoat refinishing formulated to restore the common sticky problem associated with Bicast and Simulated urethane finished leathers. Owner often describes the sticky problem as follows: The finish has gone dull on the seating areas and any material comes in contact sticks to it. The finishes feels a bit rubbery but after 5mins of sitting clothing were stuck to it. The location that suffers tackiness also reveals roughness to the touch. When sitting down and getting up, there is the sound of tape pulling and you can actually see a pattern on the couch from the jeans. If these experiences sound familiar then this kit is the answer. New product introduced is the CleanPro-1.5 (pH 1.5), which takes care of the general non-body contact areas, follows with Acidifier-2.0 as rinse. This restorative cleaning both removes foreign contamination and reduces stickiness at the same time. Stripping the surface contamination including conditioners and protectors to the original finishes is done by Degreaser-2.2 with the help of Eraser-4 for better traction to removed surface materials. Suspended soiling is towel extracted and rinse with Acidifier-2.0. Sanding helps reduce surface roughness if any and the dust free surface is ready to receive a new topcoat. A 10% Crosslinker-25 is added to the BicastTop-76G prior to refinishing for extra finish strength from stickiness. The application is dry between coatings until matching up to the original luster level. Protector-B (scentless) imparts a non-stick buttery-feel against sticky soiling and rub-resistant against friction-wear. The optional Protector-B+ extra featurefurther diffuses a leather scent enhancing the leather more sensuously and luxuriously. This starter kit is design as a holistic system, with 3 coatings BicastTop-76G + Crosslinker-25 covers approximately 80 square feet. Optional adds-on and refills are available as individual bottles. Shipping Weight Options: Kit-RTU: 1.7kg is (ready-to-use) version and Kit-Fill:0.9kg (reduced weight in concentrates ratio) version to save on shipping, ease of handling and reduced freezing during winter season. Thus the 250ml bottles need to be cut and fill with distilled water prior to use accordingly.
    Instruction . . .
    Preparation: 1- Protect floor with plastic covering from overspray and drips prior to restorative cleaning and stripping accumulated soiling. 2- CleanPro-1.5 is spray and work with horsehair Brush-1 and Eraser-4 and towel extracted until towel shows clean. 3- Use the Eraser-4 sponge side for normal cleaning and the crepe side for extra scrub from embedded materials. 4- Degreaser-2.2 is used in combination on the body contact oil and grease areas especially to the headrest and the hand-rest. 5- Shake the Degreaser-2.2 from separation to gel prior to use. 6- Apply by brushing with Brush-1 and/or scrubbing with Eraser-4 to remove surface soiling. 7- Suspended soiling is extracted with a lint-free towel or cleaning sponge until towel shows clean. 8- Spray Acidifier-2.0, agitate with Brush-1 and Eraser-4 and extract until towel shows clean again. 9- Inspect for reduced tackiness, otherwise spray soaks Towel-T5 with Acidifier-2.0 and place until towel dries for inspection. 10- When dry, sand surface roughness and ensure free of foreign material. 11- Surface is ready for topcoat application when smooth and free of residues.

    Refinishing: 1- Empty the Crosslinker-25 25gm bottle (about 10%) into the BicastTop-76G 220gm bottle and swirl very well. 2- Once the topcoat is cross-linked, it is best to used within 8 hours, otherwise it will be cured hard and be useless. 3- Apply by BristleBrush-3” lightly to avoid streaks or finer soft varnishing brushes for streaks free result or airbrushing for professional result. 4- Dabbing with bristle brush reduces streaks as well as using a roller sponge. 5- Steaks are corrected by fine sanding when dry. 6- Use a hair dryer for speed drying in-between coats to satisfaction. 7- Let it overnight cure before non-stick Protector-B application.
    Protection: 1- Protector-B is applied evenly with either foamBrush-3” or Towel-5 and is ready for use when dry. 2- For routine application, a paper towel is recommended to simultaneous soiling extraction.

    Name:  a207916145e2e29eea5f45_l__01581.1411074235.386.513.JPG
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Size:  28.9 KB - Bicast Leather Refinishing (Color) Kit
    Leather Doctor® Kit, Bicast leather color refinishing kit is design for a holistic restoration approach to not only the finishes but also rejuvenating the leather crust for suppleness. Most of these repairs are for abrading damages into the leather split-suede crust.
    Most of these exposed areas may be contaminated with foreign soiling that includes conditioners, protectors, body oil, grease and sweat or alkaline overexposure from non leather-safe cleaners.
    A comprehensive repair for a long-term lasting solution will require a holistic approach to deal with both the exposed leather split-suede for structural integrity and surface finishes for aesthetic.
    A leather-safe restoration system begins with removing foreign contamination from the penetrated leather structure and from the surface with the proven Degreaser-2.2 follows with Rinse-3.0 to a healthy squeaky feel.
    A pH in-balance leather structure with alkalinity overexposure will manifest as tackiness, stickiness or in extreme cases sliminess. The ionic strength of such denaturing leather will need to be strengthen by protonating its ionic positive (+ve) with the help of Acidifier-2.0 until the leather is revert back to a healthy pH chemistry integrity.
    Penetrated soiling may be further moves with the help of Hydrator-3.3 by successive wicking process with optional reverse transfer technique and erase off with Eraser-4 for a satisfactorily inspection.
    Leather rejuvenating system for softness and strength is accomplishes with Hydrator-3.3 follows with Fatliquor-5.0.
    Surface uneven absorption is seals with Adhesor-73 to smooth out the suede and restore a skin to reduce the need for color over-coating thus increase its flexibility and stretchability from coating premature cracking.
    With Adhesor-73 as a base for adhesion promotion as well, it is ready for color coating with Bicast-32 an opaque pigment coloring to block out the unwanted based color. Bicast-76 is an aniline transparent color that gives the beauty of depth as the secondary coloring to simulate the appearance of aniline leather. And BicastTop-76 is a gloss topcoat that seals the coloring from bleeding, crocking and resistant to cleaning during the course of the leather useful life.
    Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant surface with a buttery feel, reduces noises that translate into less friction wear. As the leather surface is well lubricated it reduces compression when comes to heavy body contact thus reduces compressed creases, wrinkles thus prolong the useful life of the new finishes.
    Note the products suffix numbers denotes the pH value of the product.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor
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