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Thread: Gucci Suade bag white spots

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    Default Gucci Suade bag white spots

    Hi I have gucci suade bag that I put in storage and the metal chain strap was on top of front of bag.
    it left tiny white spots all over the bag from the strap. was i able to clean this? is this a permanent mark? if i am able to clean this please let me with what product and how.

    thank you so much.Name:  Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 8.33.08 AM.png
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    >>> was i able to clean this?
    Yes, it can be removed off!

    >>> is this a permanent mark?
    These are dents to the suede structure and we may feel it when we move our finger across. What we also see are the crushed nap that reflect the light in one direction so we see the nap sheen.

    >>> if i am able to clean this please let me with what product and how.
    Leather type is identified as Napa Suede, thus product recommendation is with this Kit-S3.n - Suede (napa) care kit system.
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    Suede (S.n) - Napa: Suede Problem Solving Instruction
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    In reference to the above suede problem solving instructional chart, we see row #24 on Finish Problem as Crushed Nap and row #27 on Structure Problem as dents. The numbers denotes the sequence of steps and the top row refers to the relevant products use, the (+) sign are tools used besides a cotton terry towel for extraction. However, the emphasis is on step #3 with Hydrator-3.3 to work out the dent and the crushed nap.

    Crushed Nap and Dent Mark - How to Restore?
    Crushed nap is nap that has been compressed that lay stiff flat reflecting light in one direction as seen as a lighter sheen effect. Dents may be detected when we run our finger across. Restoring the dent and crush nap is by relaxing both the nap and the suede structure with Hydrator-3.3. Generally, the entire bag is work out to produce an even appearance as both the Hydrator-3.3 and the Fatliquor-5.0 will affect the appearance with a much richer tone as the structure dormant dyestuff is activated at the same time and resurface anew. Fatliquor-5.0 to soften up the suede structure and nap will also magnify the color saturation anew. Prior to restoring the dent and crushed nap, the suede is pre-cleaned with CleanSuede-3.0 > RinseSuede-3.0 system. LeatherEraser-4 is used both in wet cleaning and dry soil removing when dry. After restoring the dent and crushed nap, Protector-S is applied to shield against sticky soiling and impart a silky-feel that also facilitates in grooming the nap with SuedeNapaBrush-2 for a “finger writing effect”. The holistic suede-safe crushed nap and dent mark restoration process is as follows . . .


    1- Dry Soil removing with LeatherEraser-4 using the sponge side for general cleaning and the crepe side for heavy soiling.

    2- Suspended soiling is brush off with SuedeNapaBrush-2 and ready for wet cleaning.

    3- CleanSuede-3.8 is spray to wet out the entire bag without leaving an exposed dry surface.

    4- It is then work with the sponge side of the LeatherEraser-4 in combination with the SuedeNapaBrush-2 and use a cotton terry towel to extract until towel shows clean.

    5- Any bleeding is control with SuedeRinse-3.0 in the rinsing process until towel shows clean, excessive bleeding if any is further control with Acidifier-2.0.

    6- Concentration on working out the dent and crushed nap greatly depends on the working power of the Hydrator-3.3.

    7- Hydrator-3.3 is sprayed to saturate the thickness of the suede sufficiently with a little moisture oozing out when press between fingers and thumb.

    8- It is then put into an air-tight container for control evaporation and let to dwell up to 72hrs.

    9- Bag is inspected periodically for working moisture content level, topping it up as necessary and brush to relaxed and stretched out the nap.

    10- With satisfaction, the bag is towel extracted until towel shows dry.

    11- Fatliquoring to soften up the suede when dry begins with the application of Fatliquor-5.0. 83.33% or 5/6 of water contents will need to evaporate in each drying cycle leaving only the fat and oil in the suede structure to impart suppleness. Predetermine how much need to be applied and complete the entire content with repeat cycle of application.

    12- The fatliquored bag is left to slow drying in each cycle and the last is check for surface remnants by misting Hydrator-3.3 and brush to check for milky appearance.

    13- Any milky appearance is work out until its crystal clear, to eliminate potential soil attraction.

    14- The bag is left to slow dry again and may be brush from almost dry to dry from resurface soiling and for extra softness both to the structure and the nap.

    15- With satisfaction the process continues with Protector-S, otherwise repeat the above relevant treatment.

    16- Protector-S or S+ is applied with a mist spray and brush for appearance.

    17- when dry brush and groom again for a fine “finger writing effect”.

    Tips: 1- Recommended that the bag is stuff up taut for easy handling. 2- Check out for non water-safe components like rayon and silk lining, including paper and cardboard structure.

    Let me know if you need clarification!

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor
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