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Thread: Louis Vuitton Bag – Cologne Spill inside of the Bag Stiffen and Darken the Vachetta base.

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    Default Louis Vuitton Bag – Cologne Spill inside of the Bag Stiffen and Darken the Vachetta base.

    Louis Vuitton Bag – Cologne Spill inside of the Bag Stiffen and Darken the Vachetta base.

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    How do I get the cologne spill out?

    Rectification involves 2 phases.

    1st phase is to rejuvenate the leather structure.
    2nd phase is to correct the darkening effect.

    1st phase rejuvenating the leather structure involves Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 Hydrator-5.0 system.
    The alcohol contents of the cologne have dried out the fatliquor and the displaced the tanning agents as shown as browning to the surface. Hydrator-3.3 serves two main purposes, to relax the stiff and stick together fiber structure opening up to that the following Fatliquor-5.0 can excess freely and does its work to hydrogen bond them. Secondly it is to activate and redistribute the displaced tanning agent back to the alcohol exposed areas.

    In practice the entire base of the Vachetta bag is hydrated with Hydrator-3.3 and let it dwell up to 72 hours with control evaporation (put it in a plastic container or entire wrapped up with plastic sheet). It is recommended that the bag is stuff-up to shape for better handling. The optimum hydrating is to allow a little moisture oozing out when press with thumb and fingers. This optimum moisture level will facilitate water movement within the leather structure either moving the foreign contamination out or moving its leather constituents (tanning agents and fatliquor) around to the stain areas. Hydrator-3.3 preconditions the leather and allows a continuous process with Fatliquor-5.0 before it is completely dries. As the moisture content evaporates more fatliquor is applied especially concentrating on the stain areas. During the last fatliquor application and the leather is drying but still damp (25%) the entire leather is lightly massage to relax and loosen up the leather structure from drying too stiff again. The leather suppleness with softness and strength is determine by the percentage of fatliquor it has and tannery standard is up to 14% when completely dry depending on desired appearance and usage. A leather moisture meter or other equivalent moisture meter is use to read the percentage of fatliquor content. Readings to the stain areas and surrounding areas will give an idea of percentage of loss fatliquor and eventual overall readings to satisfaction.

    We will continue to correct of the darkening effect if any after the above leather rejuvenating process.

    Any mishandling to the stain areas will lead to easily cracking them in its existing condition or during the drying process.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant

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