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Thread: Louis Vuitton - Navy Monogram Mini Canvas Josephine PM - Is there any way to remove the pinkish color?

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    Default Louis Vuitton - Navy Monogram Mini Canvas Josephine PM - Is there any way to remove the pinkish color?

    Please see attached photos for LV Navy Monogram Mini Canvas Josephine PM.
    Is there any way to remove the pinkish color?
    A very small amount of normal cleaning soap with small amount of water was used to gently brush the Fabric with a small brush and was put to dry.
    After drying, the pinkish color appears.
    Nothing on the bag itself is pink in color.
    Not sure whether if it comes from the inner lining or thread that is hidden inside.

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    Solution to the problem:

    A test is recommended prior to the actual application to the entire bag.
    Use picture #2 top left hand square corner within the leather trim as the test spot.

    1] Transfer Prep-7.7 to the detailing horsehair Brush-1 and gently apply sparingly onto the fabric avoiding the leather trim.
    2] Let it works by itself until the stain disappear maybe up to 8 hours or until the Prep-7.7 dries up with repeat application.
    3] When stain disappears clean up sticky residue with Clean-3.8 follows with Rinse-3.0.

    Please show picture of the test, if you may like to receive more tips on the best direction to take.

    We will talk about how to clean the leather trim as well and possible using Protector-B+ on the fabric as well.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant

    Products mentioned found in this Kit P3

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    Leather Doctor Kit P3 – Pigmented Leather Care Kit
    Leather Doctor® Kit P3, pigmented leather care kit is an innovative leather-safe (pH 3 - 5) system developed for keeping leather at their highest level of appearance besides maintaining their structural chemistry integrity and enhancing their suppleness. Pigmented finishes develop micro crazing as it ages and heat dries out the fat and oil from these weak point and stitching holes. The diminishing of the fat and oil empties the leather that results in creases and wrinkles. Stiffness to the leather is another sign of fat and oil diminishing that collapse the inter fibrillary spaces making the fiber becomes stick together and when flexed during used will lead to cracks. Periodic use of Hydrator-3.3 to hydrate the stick together fibers prior to fat and oil replenishing with Fatliquor-5.0 will keep the leather supple and strong. Thus, reduce the premature ageing of the leather against stiffness and cracking. The surface wear of the leather is greatly reduced when friction noise is kept low. The noise reduction is accomplished with rub-resistant Protector-B+ that imparts a natural buttery-feel. Periodic cleaning and rinsing with Cleaner-3.8 follows by Rinse-3.0 to the body contact area helps reduce greasy soiling build-up. Removing of unwanted stains such as ink or the common new blue jeans is accomplished with Prep-7.7. Note that the mentioned product suffix

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