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    Default Recoloring seats

    From pigmented application instructions: Follow up questions are in green.
    Stripping Existing Deteriorating Finishes:
    1. Cover and tape off frames, trims and protect flooring.
    2. Mist sprays Stripper-2.3, Eraser-4 scrub with help of 2000-grit sandpaper feathering out seamlessly and towel extract for an even appearance.
    Use the eraser & 2000 grit sandpaper?
    What is expected? Is the goal to remove all existing color?
    If so how to tell if enough is removed?
    What exactly is feathering out? Feather edge sanding?

    1. Shake /Degreaser-2.2 to gel prior to use with a repeat shake and rest until it gels.
    2. Transfer to Eraser-4; agitate to saturate the stain, feather out to the entire section.
    What exactly is feathering out entire section? Feather edge sanding?
    3. Towel extracts suspended soiling after 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries until it shows clean.
    Wait 10-30 min & before it drys wipe to extract until surface is clean?
    4. Spray Acidifier-2.0, towel extract until it shows clean to a healthy squeak.
    Rinse w/ Acidifier-2.0 & wipe until extracted & surface is clean?

    Would this be used for lessening wrinkles, like the bolster of my seat?
    1. Spray Hydrator-3.3 saturating the stain area and feather out for an even appearance.
    How’s this done on vertical area?
    2. Covering with tissue paper without airspace to trap wick up stains instead of remaining on the leather surface as it dries.
    Apply direct to surface leaving no space between?
    3. Peel tissue paper when crispy dry and use Eraser to erase surface residue prior to fat and oil replenishing.
    “Peel tissue paper when crispy dry” does that mean to remove when completely dry?
    “use Eraser-4 to erase surface residue” does that mean: sand lightly w/ eraser to remove excess & smooth surface.

    Fat and Oil Replenishing:
    1. Spray Fatliquor-5.0 and redistribute with foam brush until saturation.
    Saturation means to cover entire surface completely?
    2. Repeat application each time water contents evaporate until fully saturated.
    If surface dries reapply?
    3. Drive remaining surface remnants free of milky fat and oil until it turns clear with Hydrator-3.3.
    “Drive remaining surface remnants free” does that mean: Spray Hydrator-3.3 to saturate & rinse clean?
    4. Allow natural drying for extra softness.
    Let it air dry? Est how long?
    more to come...

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    Please see reply from this thread:


    Roger Koh
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