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Thread: Pigmented (Mono-Tone) - Help!--pink dye from shirt on new white leather couch

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    Default Pigmented (Mono-Tone) - Help!--pink dye from shirt on new white leather couch

    When I got home from work last night, my son stood up and our couch was pink from where he'd been sitting with a red shirt on. It's on the arm, back and cushion in one part and then on the back and cushion in another section. I looked online and tried a few things, but leather cleaner didn't work completely, nor did the magic eraser... it got the excess up, but not all of it. I tried white vinegar, which got more of it, but still not all of it. I'm hoping I haven't done too much damage already trying to get the color off, so I'm asking here to see if there is anything that will get it all off or if I'm out of luck and am going to be stuck with a white and pink couch. We just got the couch not even 2 months ago, so I'm really freaking out. I just can't believe the shirt bled that much after being washed.

    Can you help me?!?!?!

    Thanks so much!!


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    Please show some pictures to help identify your leather finish type is the first step prior to stain removal.

    However, almost all white couch are either pigmented or simulated leather, Dyestuff from clothing like the common jeans and occasion other clothing including throw cushion are common problem that has proven to be completely remove using the below Kit Sa7.di.

    An effective technique to removing these stains is to use a “reverse technique”, whereby a washable paper towel is place as an extension of the leather surface and as the stains is suspended it is absorbed by the more absorbent paper towel than the surface of the leather. A surface that has the topcoat intact will simply release the suspended stain to the absorbent towel. When the topcoat has worn away from normal use or erase away with physical rubbing using abrasive magic eraser, then it tends to cling on some on its rough surface or being absorb by the colorcoat instead, may take up to 72 hours to do so as compare to just 24 hours of dwell time. Unknown not proven cleaning solution when used may set the dyestuff making it tougher to response to the tested product (Prep-7.7), thus may make the stain more stubborn. These fail physical and chemical attempt may require the next phase of removal using Bleach-9.9 as the booster for the Prep-7.7 to suspend and bleach at the same time. In such partial finishes (especially topcoat damages) will require to be refinished with a matching topcoat such as MicroTop-54 S (satin in most cases, other than a choice of gloss or matte).

    Pictures show how a “reverse transfer” technique works.

    #1 Dye Stains
    Name:  InkStainRemovalTechnique-1.jpg
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    #2 Prep-7.7 Applications
    Name:  InkStainRemovalTechnique-2.jpg
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    #3 Paper towel is squeeze through the Prep-7.7 without leaving air space
    Name:  InkStainRemovalTechnique-3.jpg
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    #4 Paper towel is peeled after 24 hours.

    You may order your kit from this link:

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant

    Relevant product information:

    Name:  a20791513d3c650127dc2d_m.JPG
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    Leather Doctor Kit Sa7.di – Leather Dye / Ink Stain Remover Kit
    Leather Doctor® Kit Sa7.di, micro-pigmented leather dye and ink stain removal kit is an innovative concept of removing blue jeans dye and ink stains featuring a “reverse transfer” technique utilizing a paper towel over the dwelling Prep-7.7 for micro-pigmented, antiquing and two-tone leathers that normally has a satin luster effect. The micro-pigmented and fashion effect varieties have a more delicate finish and is easily removed during stain removal and color refinishing is the norm on most wear areas. Prep-7.7 works by penetrating, lubricating and suspending the stains on dwell time and the paper towel reverse absorb the stain instantaneously from the leather. Prior failed attempt with set-in stains may require the help of Bleach-9.9 as booster to the Prep-7.7 to remove the residual stains. Clean sticky residue with Cleaner-3.8, rinsed with Rinse-3.0 and neutralized with Acidifier-2.0 when Bleach-9.9 is cooperated. Hydrator-3.3 relaxes stiff leathers and eliminates surface tension prior to fat and oil replenishing. Fatliquor-5.0 rejuvenates the leather structure with softness and suppleness when dry. MicroTop-54S is an option for renewing the finish from friction wear. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant protection with a buttery feel that shield against sticky soiling and reduce friction noises. Note that the mentioned product suffix number denotes its pH value in this holistic leather-safe dye and ink stain removal system.
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    This picture replace the above picture for Kit Sa7.di as correct.

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