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Thread: Pigmented (Two-Tone) - Problem with Two-Tone leather finishes - colour rub-off during cleaning?

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    Default Pigmented (Two-Tone) - Problem with Two-Tone leather finishes - colour rub-off during cleaning?


    I attached 3 pictures:

    Photo1: is the front of the sofa which has the darker brown color to it.

    Photo2: is the back of the sofa.. this is a lighter almost reddish color

    Photo3: is the picture of another piece that is supposed to be the same color purchased at a later date. It is much closer to the back of the sofa. It looks lighter and redder when put next to sofa

    Note: I did try to clean this about 3-4 years ago with the companies "one-step" and the color starting coming off on the rag. The spot stood out bad. It was a real light brown.. almost as is all the black came out.. the color looks like it has some light darker spots in it.. this is the way it is brand new.. The company finally repaired it for no charge but I have not cleaned since.. I could be it just needs a good cleaning with some decent stuff... I don't think the company sells their "one step" anymore...

    Randy Machacek

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    Leather Identification:
    This leather is identified as “sauvage” leather, an imitation of “full aniline sauvage”.
    This sauvage leather finish is a two-tone fashion effect with two or more colors that add depth and character to the leather to create a multi-colored appearance. This effect can be done with various application techniques such as random spraying or spraying through a stencil with different shades of colors.

    The secondary coloring like the darker black lies on top of the existing primary color seldom with a primer that makes these secondary color easily removed during cleaning and easily wear off.

    Any decent cleaning even with a damp cloth has potential to remove these delicates secondary coloring.

    Cleaning does not solve most of two-tone leathers rub-off coloring problem, rather refinishing is the route to take.

    We can discuss further if you wish to take the refinishing route and using Adhesor-73 to micro pile into the existing primary coloring prior to the secondary coloring will solve most of the rub-off problems. Coloring is to use the translucent 2Tone-37 matching color and seal with MicroTop-54 thereafter.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant

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