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Thread: Pigmented (Two-Tone) - Two-Tone Wipe Effect - Leather Table Top - Secondary Color Missing

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    Default Pigmented (Two-Tone) - Two-Tone Wipe Effect - Leather Table Top - Secondary Color Missing

    Hey Everyone,

    I hope that one of you guys are able to help me out. My wife, 1 year old girl, and myself have been living around my parents' apartment while our home is being renovated.

    My father has a desk with green leather and gold gilding bound to the top:

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    Unfortunately, and I don't know what caused it (it could be baby milk, water, tea, ...?) this happened:

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    When I look closely it looks as if there is some kind of wax or varnish that has been removed by the drops of whatever liquid it was - the colour of the blotches is lighter and seems to match cracks in the leather:

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    I guess my question is - is this something that I can easily/cheaply resolve myself? Would I need to get a professional in? Is it even fixable?!?! (I sure hope so!)

    I've got a little time - he's not back in the country for a few more months - but I would love to get it sorted out without him ever knowing

    Thanks in advance everyone!

    Clumsy Dad.

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    The answer is yes, you can do it yourself with a matching system.

    Pictures show that the secondary darker color at the lower surface or grooves is removed and require a restoration.

    Typically, this antiquing effect is done with a translucent hybrid dyestuff. The idea is getting the dyestuff into the lower section of the surface and missing the top grain.

    We shall discuss more details if you are going forward with me walking you through when you have all the necessary supporting products ready as well.

    The main item is this Antique-27, that comes with the four most popular colors. If this does not match then you may have to add colors to match it right.

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    Leather Doctor Antique-27

    Leather Doctor® Antique-27 is a translucent hybrid dyestuff design for Antiquing leathers to create a secondary, two-tone or an old English leather antique effect. This is a waterbased compact resin blend surface coating dyestuff also used to create the finer translucent semi-aniline effect.

    Popular colors are available in Black, Chestnut, Burgundy and Tan.


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