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  1. You were right, of course! :) I put a custom...

    You were right, of course! :) I put a custom semianiline color on. Looks much better.

  2. Pigment (Micro or Semi-Aniline) - Failing Top Coat
    I wrapped this bench treating with prep, clean, rinse, fatliquor and...
  3. Step 1 & 2

    I completed pH balancing & rehydration. MUCH BETTER the dark rings went away. Still though can see & feel a line where the main water mark was. Do I go on to fatiquor or do I repeat step 1 or 2?
  4. Aniline (Full) - Water Damaged Aniline Cushion - What are the proper steps for water loss?

    These cushions were brought to me from a property manager who said her client's home had a roof that leaked on the newly reupholstered sofa. I saw the Thread for a sewer loss. What are the proper...
  5. New skin

    I still am missing something in the impregnation process. During removal of the old finish the leather gets sueded out & the impregnation helps but still the feel is off. How do I create a "new...
  6. We finished the impregnation, sanding, dying, &...

    We finished the impregnation, sanding, dying, & finish on the sofa a few weeks ago.
    The process went well, loved how the impregnation brought out the natural contrast in color and grain as well as...
  7. How about now?
    How 'bout now?
    Is 1 our per side a normal amount of time to spend wet preping?
  8. Aniline (Sauvage) - Do you think this Aniline Leather Prep is ready for Impregnation?

    These cushions have been wet-prepped, do they look like they are ready for the next step of impregnation?


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    Yes. It seems real gummy and stuck. Doesn't want...

    Yes. It seems real gummy and stuck. Doesn't want to roll off at all.
  10. Help

    Feeling really scared:(

    Worrying about what happened to waxed aniline (how streaky it was).

    So the back looked a little streaky after some dying and I tried to do what you said to his problem...
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    Aniline (Full) - Stubborn Grease

    I used Degreaser-2.2 3 times each time rinsing with Acidifier-2.0.
    It isn't budging.


  12. View Post

    This is a set of 4 chairs and 1 sofa in a high-end motel. I think the set is 2 or 3 years old, of course this is the first time it will see any care.:eek:

  13. Aniline Dye

    Thanks for your help. As soon as you get the color swatch I need to place an order and have it processed & sent ASAP. My deadline is next Friday.
  14. Prepcleaning & Conditioning

    After letting the Prep-7.7 have a few minutes dwell time the old finish just rolled right off with the leather Eraser-4.
    It seemed to help to let it dry a little to create more drag then the...
  15. This process is amazing! That Prep-7.7 works so...

    This process is amazing! That Prep-7.7 works so well! Where do you buy your sanding pads from. I get my sandpaper from a local auto paint supply/dealer.
  16. Deck tag

    Thanks for your help! I am excited to try this method of removing the old finish. Please let me know when you get the deck tag I mailed you.
  17. Sanding

    I have a hard time finding 1000 to 1500 grit sand paper. I go to the local Carquest auto refinishing dealer. Are you using paper or some other material for sanding?
  18. Aniline (Sauvage) - Restore faded brown aniline furniture.

    This is my latest set, it consists of 2 chairs and 1 sofa. I hope to use the two chairs at an upcoming trade show (restore one to let people see the before & after). I will need to order a quart of...
  19. Pigmented (Micro/Semi-Aniline) - Mean Green Sofa

    This set is in my shop now, Sofa, Luv & ottoman. I sent you the deck tag. I need the color. Is the topcoat removal process the same as you recommended on the 15 year old commercial set I sent you...
  20. Sounds good. I am still not clear on the proper...

    Sounds good. I am still not clear on the proper method of removing the old top coat. I don't want to damage the leather. I wish you had video of the proper use of the razor. This is the first time...
  21. Aniline (Sauvage) - 15yr old aniline furniture commercial use.

    A local lodge asked me to restore this 15 year old set of furniture. The main complaint is the color difference. The luv seat & one sofa cushion are redder than the rest.
    To me the first issue is...
  22. Sounds Good. You are awesome Roger. Couldn't be...

    Sounds Good. You are awesome Roger. Couldn't be in the business without you!;)
  23. I think this is a great idea. I would suggest to...

    I think this is a great idea. I would suggest to cut cost to consumer in this economy that maybe offering the kit without the ink remover would be advantageous. Do you have a direct link to MSDS...
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    I redyed the nubuck to a different shade.

    The complaint was that it came in too rosey or peachy.

    The designer told me the client was happy and that I saved the day.:D
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    Nubuck - Re-Dye on Nubuck Barstools

    Below find before and after pictures of barstools that were color corrected at the request of an interior designer.

    The swatch in the middle was the color requested by the designer.
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