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  1. Thanks Roger.

    Thanks Roger.
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    Thanks for the detailed info Roger! Looks like I...

    Thanks for the detailed info Roger! Looks like I need kit with the addition of prep 4.4 for the ink stain and then it looks like the kit comes with 1 micro 54 pigment color (white?) so I...
  3. Louis Vuitton - Advice for Louis Vuitton Alma vachetta water spots/stain and general lightening of the leather

    I have a Louis Vuitton Alma with water spots on the bottom vachetta and either a water or grease spot on the strap. I would also like to lighten the vachetta overall. What would you suggest for...
  4. Louis Vuitton - vintage Epi Noe in Yellow needing some restoration

    I bought a yellow LV Epi Noe bag on ebay (from 1994) and it looks tired as in the attached pics. There is some cracking and fading particularly at the top edge and the bottom corners. The...
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    YSL - Clean and repair YSL Downtown bag

    I have an ivory calf leather YSL Downtown bag that I bought on ebay and it has some issues. The handles are in pretty bad shape where they were held as in the attached picture - there is an ink mark...
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